Unboxing Runva 10DB EWX10000 Twin Motor Competition Winch

Unboxing Runva 10DB EWX10000 Twin Motor Competition Winch

Hey guys, a new toy received from Runva. As I’ve previously used Runva and have been pretty happy with the past winches, I though I’d go down the same route with their high-mount. This monster high-mount competition winch is a twin-motor 10DB EWX10000 model. It looks great! This is only the unboxing video. I hope you like it. I was so excited that I unboxed it on the footpath right in front of my Nissan Patrol and didn’t want waste time trolleying it into the garage.

Stay tuned for an installation video. Your patience will be required as major modifications to the bull bar are necessary to fit this big mama in.

Then I will do a test review video after that with a few different tests, i.e. single 1000 CCA battery, then dual battery, then upgrade to a high power output alternator etc. Stay tuned for more and thank you for your patience.

Enjoy watching and feel free to comment and share.



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