Street Outlaws Monza is back – YouTube

Street Outlaws Monza is back

Watch as Street Outlaws Monza brings his Sinister Split Bumper Camaro back after the crash on the Street Outlaws show to enter it in the Street Outlaws Live No Prep Kings event.

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Jerry Monza brought out his 1972 Split Bumper Camaro to Topeka, Kansas to enter in the No Prep Kings show and to get the bugs out of his new setup of the twin turbos from a nitrous set up that he always had in the past.

As you can see from the black primer paint on the car it has gone through a whole rebuild from the wreck that he had on the Street Outlaws show. At least the engine looks exactly the same as before but the body needs some work yet to look as perfect as it did before.

As a bonus in this video you will see a lot of your other favorite Street Outlaws cast members racing in the No Prep Kings filming of the show in Topeka, Kansas in June of 2018.

Cast member you can see racing is Daddy Dave, Dominator, Doc, Chuck Seitsinger, Kayla Morton, Reaper, Jeff Lutz, Swamp Thing, Kye Kelley and many more.


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