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Street Outlaws: Chuck -vs- Ken Jo Internet Battle

This is a discussion and some video about an internet Battle that is going on right now on Facebook with Street Outlaws drivers Chuck Seitsinger and Ken Jo Kelley.

If you have not seen this internet battle yet I can quickly fill you in, at the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings TV filming event that happened on 6-22-18 in Topeka, Kansas all the drivers that night found out there was a new rule when they were picking match up races and racers. Normally they all pick chips from a single bag to find out who they are racing and what lane they will be getting.

Well on that night there was something different, there was two buckets to choose from. One bucket had chips with only Street Outlaws drivers in it and the second bucket had chips with Invitational driver (Non-Oklahoma drivers) in it.

So initially you would say who cares, if you have the fastest car at the event you are going to beat everyone anyways and win even if the chips are separate. But on the other hand if you were spending the money and time it takes to get into an event like this and compete with these drivers wouldn’t it be nice to know there is an even playing field and no tricks at all which could give an advantage over one racer or another?

Let me know you thoughts on this and comment below. Thank you for watching! TomEighty

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