Street Outlaws Swamp Thing Crash – YouTube

Street Outlaws Swamp Thing Crash

Street Outlaws Swamp Thing Crashes at the Filming of No Prep Kings Race in Topeka, Kansas 6-22-18

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This is the first filming of the 2nd season of No Prep Kings and it was in Topeka, Kansas at Hearland Motor Sports complex. When Swamp Thing came up to the line the announcer said that the car had a 632 Big Block with nitrous in it, but he later corrected himself and said that the wagon now has a 800 some cubic inch big block in it and they are testing it for the first time.

I did not get to see the damage first hand on the car, the driver Ryan Taggert was fine after this hard hit into the wall but they loaded the car up quick and left. I’m assuming they wanted to get started on fixing what broke on the car so they can make it to the next race.


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