Byron Wheelstand Contest 2017 – YouTube

Byron Wheelstand Contest 2017

This exciting coverage of the Byron Wheelstand Contest 2017 is one of the most exciting events ever!

You will see the legend Brian Ambrosini and his orange AMC Gremlin do a 800+ foot wheelie and Jason Schubert take his 1978 Old Cutlass over the wall to try and win this event for the $10,000 cash prize offered.

Results of the Byron Wheelstand Contest 2017:
Champion – Brian Ambrosini
Runner Up – Jason Schubert
Third Place – Chris Pearce

Specialty Awards:
Highest – Chris Pearce
Longest – Brian Ambrosini
Most Violent – Jason Schubert
Most Photogenic – Tim Shamblin
Most Unique – Greg Broshous

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