Very Important Jeep Upgrades!

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Very Important Jeep Upgrades!

I have been very, very busy over the last 2 days and in this video I share all the new Jeep Wrangler upgrades I just installed. I was over at a good friends house and we had a garage party with the good folks from the San Diego Jeep Club. We tackled installing new Dynatrac ball joints, c-gussets, exhaust spacers, a HAM radio install and the previous day I install a new Teraflex tire carrier. Plus I give you a look at what’s coming up next!

Amazon affiliate links to items discussed in this video:
Ball Joints:
Exhaust Spacers:
HD Hinge:
Tire Carrier:
Hinge steps:
HAM Radio:
Antenna Mount:
Fender liners:


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