How to Build Custom LED Strip Lighting

How to Build Custom LED Strip Lighting

In this video my good friend Marco from @OVRLNDX joins me in the garage to show me how to build the custom LED light strips he has had in the rear of his Jeep for over 2 years. This setup consists of 3 connected LED flexible LED strips secured in an aluminum channel and uses a controller to allow dimming and wireless use. It is amazing just how simple and inexpensive this DIY project is and Marco shares a few soldering tips along the way.


Here is a list of the items used in this video on amazon. If you search around ebay, you may be able to save a few dollars:

Flexible LED strip:
Aluminum Channel:
LED Controller with Wireless Remote:
16 Gauge Wire:
Heat Shrink:
Wire Loom:
Soldering Iron:
3M Tape:

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