Customizable Jeep Magnetic Armor – MEK Magnet

Customizable Jeep Magnetic Armor - MEK Magnet

In this video, I take you along as I check out how the new customizable MEK Magnet armor is made in the factory, show you all the different 16 piece magnet graphic options available and give you a few tips on installing and caring for it.

MEK Magnet:

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Video Transcript:

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate it when this happens
Driving in the desert, showing Jeep scraping against a bush (outside view, side Jeep view)
Today, I’m going to show you a very cool customizable solutions to adding a little armor to the sides of your Jeep.


You know I know there are plenty of folks out there that don’t mind banging, denting and scratching up their Jeeps, but I’m just not one of those guys.

About 2 years ago, I was out on the trail and took note of this Jeep that was in our convoy. The owner had wood panel designed magnets on the side of her Jeep. Now I think we’ve all seen the plan black door magnets before, but this was something with a new custom look. I got to talking with her and at the time, she was just developing and testing out different designs.

I told her, if she ever decided to start selling them to give me a call because I know there are many of you guys and gals out there that would be interested.

So let’s take a look at the MEK Magnet

• It is a 16 pieced heavy duty magnetic armor package (8 per side)
• ___ mils thick
• UV resistant print
• Produced right here in the U.S
• Comes in 6 standard designs
o The Woody
o Camo
o Rockys
o Rusty
o Zebs
o The Patriot American Flag
o Lux Leather
• But what I think is the thing that makes his really special, is the fact that you can totally customize them, which opens the door wide open personalizing your Jeep
o You send them the graphic and they will work with you and their designer to come up with a MEK Magnet look that works for you.
• Maybe you have a theme on your Jeep and you want to take customizing it without spending thousands of dollars on a wrap…
• Perhaps you have a business, product, an Instagram page, or in my case, a youtube channel you want to promote. This will not doubt get folks attention as you are driving down the road.
• Maybe you just want the armor to match the color of your Jeep…. They can do that.
• Plus the cool thing is it’s removable, so maybe you just want to go back to the stock look of your Jeep, you cant do that with a rap. Or maybe you want a different look for on the trail and one for out in town, you can buy 2.
• This only take about 3 minutes to put… super simple
• Oh by the way, it protects your Jeeps
• I have live with pin strips on my Jeep from trees and bushes all the time, but breaking out the buffer, rubbing compound and then waxing is a bit of work.

• You can drive with it on the Highway… just make sure all the pieces are laying flat
• They will stay put all types of weather
• You can wash your Jeep with them on

To produce the MEK Magnet Armor, they start with a heavy duty magnet which is the foundation for the panels.

Then they put the graphics into their computer system which is linked to a very large and sophisticated printer which places the graphic on top of the magnets using a UV resistant ink. The whole process only takes a few minutes and was a ton of fun to watch.

After the graphics are all printed out, they transfer the magnet to another table where a precision cutting machine begins cutting each of the 16 panel pieces out.

Once all the pieces are cut, they remove them and are ready for shipping.


Just a figment of your imagination.