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The Perfect Compact LED Lights For My Roof Rack

In this episode we take a close up look of KC HiLites new Compact C2 LED Scene light with backup harness. I’ll give you all the specs on these amazing lights and then we take them out on the trail and see how well they perform mounted onto of my Jeep Wrangler.

KC HiLites:

Video Transcript:
So one of the things I have been wanting to do every since I installed my new roof rack, was add some small lights on top to help with lighting up right around the jeep when backing up at night on the trail and to act as a nice illumination light when we are out camping.

My friends over at KC just came out with this new 2” scene light and they sent me over a couple for the install…. Small and compact… These are perfect!

In the box you get 2 10 watt C2 LED lights.
These measure…… 2.85w x 1.91h x 2.17d
These have an aluminum hosing with a black powder coating
IP69K rated with a military grade breather membrane to prevent condensation and dust
Oversized heat sink on the back to keep them cool
Shatter proof lexan lens
There are 2 LEDs in side each light with a very purpose made lends to help with the light pattern
The LED color is a 6000k putting out 2,200 lumens
1.6 amps
They offer 120 degree illumination which is really going to be the perfect beam pattern for lighting things up right around the Jeep.

Now I know I will get a few questions about how I ran the wires, and for now, I just combined the four side lights together and then ran the side and rear lights through my rear window seal and then all the way forward through my firewall to my spod. Depending on your vehicle and where you are mounting your lights, it’s going to vary. I’ll be tightening things up later and drilling out the roof and adding a marine grade 12 volt connection after I make some final adjustments to the light mounts.

Using the drone really shows just how well these lights illuminate the ground right around the Jeep. I have the rear lights angled up just a little more than the side lights just to give me a little extra light straight back and I think it works just perfect.


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