Jeep Wranglers Off-Road in Calico – Adventure Weekend Day 2 – YouTube

Jeep Wranglers Off-Road in Calico - Adventure Weekend Day 2

In this second episode of my adventure weekend in Calico California with the San Diego Jeep Club, we head out early in the morning to hit some technical obstacles on the Odessa and Doran canyon trail. Aa you’ll see, we had to stack a few rocks and break out the tow strap along the way… good times!

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Now this was only my second time packing up the tent, so I set the timer to see how long it would take…. 11:36 seconds isn’t bad

Now if you remember in day 1, we explored some easy trails with 32 Jeep, but today, we have a much smaller group and we are going to put our tires, suspensions and lockers to good use.

On day 2 we headed up the Odessa trail which begin in a magnificent sandstone canyon. Now I came up with the my friends at the San Diego Jeep Club to run this trail a few months ago and there are some pretty solid obstacles along the way, but honestly an experienced driver in a mildly modified rig and a good spotter can make it through as you will see in this video.

One of the first major challenges of the day was making our way up this narrow uphill climb that will flex your suspension and cause you to lean pretty far towards the wall. A couple folks in our group leaned over just a little too far and scratched up there rigs…. Nothing that can’t be buffed out,

Now this was the first time I’ve done any real off-roading with the roof top tent and I really wasn’t sure what to expect and I thought there was a pretty good chance I’d be leaning over more than everyone else and scrap the wall even worse…. To my surprise, I actually could only barely notice the extra weight and by taking a high line on the passenger side and a few rocks thrown in a hole I was able to avoid the wall.

This next obstacle is a good little waterfall that requires a good line, rear lockers are helpful and even stacking a few rocks if you’ve got low clearance.

Up next is an obstacle that honestly is not my favorite…. Pucker Pass. Now, I can’t over emphasis enough that even with all the camera angles I took, it still doesn’t show just how sketchy this is. You cross a very narrow ledge that has about a 10 foot drop off to the driver’s side and when your drivers rear tire tips down in the hole, it is just a very uneasy feeling. The best thing you can do is keep a good eye on your spotter and keep your momentum going as you roll through it.

After you complete the climb up the Odessa trail, it’s time to begin your decent down the Doran trail…. Which has just as many challenging obstacles along the way.

As we made our way down, we came across a group of great folks that were doing the trail in reverse. I will say, that this is probably the more challenging direction to take this trail and something I think I’ll have do next time. They were working hard to get all their rigs through and we enjoyed taking a bit of a break and watching them navigate through.

No I mentioned earlier in the video that you can navigate the trail with a mildly modified rig, but you just have to be prepared that sometimes you are going to get stuck and stacking a few rocks and breaking out a tow strap from time to time might be necessary… it’s all part of the adventure if you ask me.


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