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Roof Top Tent Review - Smittybilt Overlander

I have been using the Smittybilt Overlander #2783 roof top tent for almost a month and I wanted to share with you my initial impressions. I’ll be doing some overland trips this next year and will get a lot of use from this roof top tent. Be on the look out for a long term review in the future, but so far I am very pleased with the quality of the tent and I really enjoy getting a good nights sleep now!

Smittybilt Overlander Roof Top Tent:
1.5″ Memory Foam:
Support TrailRecon:

Tent specifications:
Weight: 116lbs
Opens Size: 95x56x51
Closed Size: 45x56x11
Load Capacity: 661lbs
Mattress: 92×55″, 60mm thick
Tent Material: 600D heavy duty polyester
Rain Fly: 420D Oxford flysheet

Video Transcripts:

Why did I get a RTT?
So I have always had hard time getting a good nights rest when I sleep on the ground. When I was out in the field with the marines or doing some backpacking, even with a good air mattess, for whatever reason I don’t’ sleep well.

No I did sleep in the back of the Jeep when I was on the Rubicon, and I actually slept very well, the only problem was that it was tight and I had to take everything out of the back of the Jeep and set it outside…. That’s just not practical. So, my solution is this Smittybilt Overland Roof Top Tent.

Now before we start talking about the specs, let me just thanks the folks over at NorthRidge4x4 for hooking me up with a discount, I really appreciate their support. I’ll leave a link in the description if you want go check this tent out at the end of the video.

Ok, let’s talk about specs. Now Smittybilt sells 2 sizes of overland tents and this is there smaller model. I chose not to go with the larger one because I only need to be able to sleep 2 and I didn’t want the extra weight and the space it would take up on my roof rack.


This tent weighs in at 116 lbs
When it’s folded up it measures 47”x56”x11”
When open it

60mm thick
removable cover
Comfort it’s good. I don’t have any complaints,

Inside space

I’m 6’2” and you can see I have a lot of room.
Head room is nice
Several nice pockets
Shoe bag
LED lighting strip (+ 12volt cigarette power cords, I just used the USB with a battery will do the trick)
I love that I can just keep my sleeping back, blanket and pillow in here when I closeup the tent.

Fabric: is 600D heavy-duty polyester, impregnated with polyurethane
Windows & sunroof: all have mosquito netting (size)
Tent poles: aluminum with stainless steel hinges
Rain Fly’s: 420D with these spring steel poles

Velcro for bag:
Travel Bag: is heavy duty UV resistant PVC

Ladder has a capacity of 265lbs and extends to 6’8” which is plenty long enough for my Jeep. I will say it’s a good ladder, my only criticism is opening and closing not very smooth and you do have to pull both pins at the same time and then slide it up…

It does have an option for a zip on annex

One year warranty

I had to drill new holes to reposition the rails to fit my rack better and I just filled the old holes with some silicone

Centered over the Jeep and open to the passenger side.

Setup time:

Gas mileage…. At least 1.5mpg and that’s with me driving a little slower than normal with it on there. So you will notice some extra drag.

Load on the Jeep; Now I have had it off-road a few times and one of the trails has some good obstacles, but nothing crazy. I really expected to notice the weight, but honestly I didn’t. But keep in mind I have a Rock Krawler Overland lift and the rear springs are rated for extra weight, so I think that helped. I’m sure if I took this to the Rubicon or Moab where there is more off camber obstacles, I would probably notice it a little more.

Now for the couple times I’ve slept in the tent, for me it is 100% worth having it. I have had great nights sleep every time I’ve used it and I really appreciate not sleeping on the ground and the easy of setup and storage. I’m looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this in the coming year…. I’ve got some exciting trips planned!


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