Picking Up Coot 4×4 at Vintage Car Auction – YouTube

Picking Up Coot 4x4 at Vintage Car Auction

A 700+ vintage car collection went for auction in Ohio. We bought the crown jewel: a 4 wheel steer Coot. |

“The disbursement of Ron Hackenberger’s massive collection included 700 cars, trucks, vans, buses, motorcycles, scooters, tractors, bumper cars, and horse-drawn buggies. The total for cars, trucks, and motorcycles sold was $1.67 million. The overall total, including tractors, buggies, and memorabilia sold, was about $2 million.

A lifelong enthusiast, Hackenberger accumulated items for decades and dreamed of opening a museum one day. His plans never reached fruition, however, so he decided to part with the majority of his collection. Hackenberger’s first three cars were Studebakers—a 1948 Champion, 1952 Champion, and 1956 Golden Hawk—and his love for the brand never waned. More than 200 pre- and post-war Studebakers were offered. Beyond those Indiana-based Studebakers, Hackenberger’s collection was incredibly diverse and included milk trucks, ambulances, limousines, muscle cars, sports cars, three-wheelers, and even a couple of amphibious Amphicar 770s.”


Just a figment of your imagination.