Calico Mountains Jeep Adventure Weekend – Day 1 – YouTube

Calico Mountains Jeep Adventure Weekend - Day 1

In this video I join up with 34 other Jeeps from the San Diego Jeep Club and we explore the trails of the Calico Mountains. On Day 1 we headed out on a 26 mile journey and had an amazing time at the Kramer Arch, exploring old silver mines, and cruising along some nice scenic desert trails.

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The Calico mountains are located near Barstow California and are about 180 miles North of San Diego.

GPS: 34.939904, -116.858781 I met up with my good friends from the San Diego Jeep and we kicked off the first day by airing down, greeting all the first timers and had a quick drivers meeting to go over the days events.

There were many new folks attending their first club run and even a couple that this was their first time off-road in their Jeep….

There is a whole network of desert trails up here ranging from easy fire roads to very challenging tight obstacles. Some of the most common trails are mapped, but most are not, so be sure to have a plan and some solid navigation with you if you decide to explore up here.

Calico had one of the largest sliver rushes that started in the 1880’s and at its peak there were over 500 silver mines. There are still hundreds of open mines scatter throughout all of Calico mountains that you can access. Just be sure to use caution because they are old and there are some with very deep shafts.

Managing a large convoy takes some logistics. A few things to keep in mind while in a large trail convoy, is to keep your lights on, ensure you’ve got good comms, and most importantly keep the Jeep behind you in sight. That way if anyone falls back, the front knows to slow down. It’s all about working as one symbiotic unit to keep the convoy together on the trail.

One of the cool stops along the way was Kramers Arch which is a natural arch that you can actually drive your vehicle though…. Well unless you have a roof top tent…. I decided to sit this one out but it was fun watching everyone else make their way through

California Tarantula

This little furry guy decided to make his way across the trail and brought our entire Jeep convoy to a halt. The California Tarantula is commonly seen at night and it’s usually the males that our out looking for a mate in September and October. I’ve seen several of these guys previously on a night run, but this is the first time I’ve seen one in the day out on the trail. Remember to Tread Lightly
What a great easy day out on the trail. We will be taking a smaller group and tackling some very difficult obstacles tomorrow, but there really is something therapeutic about just a nice easy drive though the desert like we did today. Now, time to air up and head back to camp.

Having a good meal when you are out camping really makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. I use to just throw a couple freeze dried meals in my box and call it good…. but now I really enjoy seeing what I can cook up that’s simple and tastes good…. this sausage and potato’s did the trick!

After dinner, we all spent the evening around a campfire and talking about the day adventure…. We were all really excited for what tomorrow would bring… and let me just say, day 2 is full of challenges! If you are visiting the channel for the first time, hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss our next adventure.


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